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Panhandle Health District- Bonner County


332 Marion St

Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

(208) 265-6384


Septic Systems


Panhandle Health District ensures proper sewage disposal systems for residential and commercial properties that are unable to connect to public or municipal sewer systems. 

Permits are required for all subsurface sewage disposal systems in Idaho.

PHD issues septic permits for the five northern counties. The permits list site specific conditions and requirements necessary for the installation of an individual subsurface sewage disposal system. The installation requirements are based on standards set to help protect natural resources and public health.


A key component to a properly funcioning septic system is the soil's ability to treat and disperse wastewater. When soils are saturated for extended periods of time, septic systems cannot function properly. Under normal conditions, soils are aerobic (that is, contain enough oxygen) so they can properly treat wastewater by removing pathogens and other contaminants. When saturated, soils cannot treat wastewater properly, so these contaminants can enter ground and surface waters, possibly contaminating your drinking water.


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